Our Champions


** Updated 110617

Our American Champions In Order They Finished (Some Co-bred Dane CH Not Listed)
Mattera ~ CH SisCo's Series Premiere (2001)
Peyton ~ CH Witamy's Promise Kept V SisCo
Lyndon ~ CH SisCo's A Vision N Motion
Rinna ~ CH SisCo's Sohn Kissed
Smitty ~ CH SisCo's An Affair To Remember, CGC
Marlo ~ CH SisCo's BADA BING
Hillary ~ CH SisCo's Catepillar Girl
Roxy ~CH SisCo N Colra's Rock N The Ring
Rachel ~ GCH SisCo's Element of Seduction
Dalton ~ CH SisCo's Roadhouse Dbl Deuce
Trace ~ BISS GCH SisCo's Ladies Love Country Boys at Syvile (2011)
London ~ CH SisCo's Butterfly Kisses (2011)

Marshall ~ CH SisCo's I'm Cool Wid It (2011)
Georgia ~ GCH SisCo's Sun Praire to Sante Fe (2012)
Jazzy ~ GCH SisCo-Wildside's Legally Blonde (2014, dam to co-bred CH)
Xander ~ CH SisCo's X Factor (2014)
Tristan ~ GCH SisCo's Country Boy Kisses (2015)
Wyatt ~ CH Stormrider's Raising The Stakes (2016, bred by SisCo)
Kendall ~ BISS CH SisCo's Kendall-Abra (2016)
Sara ~ BIF CH Wildside-SisCo's Sara-Nade (2017, 2016 GDCA Best in Futurity)  *

Our Canadian Champions In Order They Finished
Phee ~ CAN CH SisCo's Hot Gossip V Aristo
Shelbi ~ CAN CH SisCo N Tavernier's Go To The Darkside

Recognition Of These Special Great Danes Past/Present/Retired
Solomon ~ SisCo's Song of Songs (pointed)
Tiffany ~ SisCo's Princess Cut (pointed, retired)
Harrison ~ SisCo's Gold 'N Promise (Sweeps Winner, pointed)
Adrienne ~ SisCo's Centerfold (major pointed, retired)
Julia ~ Rojon's Never Been Kissed FOUNDATION BITCH
Shelbi ~ McEmn's SisCo Serenade FOUNDATION BITCH

Past Basenjis (I no longer breed, own or show Basenjis)
Klassy ~ MBIS MBISS DC Klassic's Ms Mata Hauri (2007, 2008 #1 Basenji)
Ready ~ MBIS MBISS CH Asia's Ready Or Not (2006 #1 Basenji)
Brooke ~ GCH Virtual Vision Out of Africa

Amber ~ GCH SisCo's Strawberries N Cream
Renee' ~ CH Visit To SisCo Out of Africa
Boy ~ CH Voodoo Spirit Out of Africa
Cody ~ CH SisCo's I Triple Dog Dare Ya
Drew ~ CH Jasiri-Sukari Pup Tart
Ryan ~ CH Hacker's U Drive M'Crazy